About the speaker

Twice awarded as one of the finest actresses in Asia, Chin- Chin Gutierrez is equally renowned for her work as an environmental advocate. In 2003, she graced the cover of Time Magazine as one of its Asian Heroes for “using her celebrity status in furthering environmental awareness”. She also received the 2004 TOWNS award for her environmental advocacy. She is a sought-after resource speaker and lecturer on environmental education, lending her expertise on ecology and sustainability to youth and NGOs, corporate and civic groups, educators, LGUs and community workers.

We Need More Heroes for Mother Nature

Global Warming. Climate Change. Pollution. Denuded Forests. Water Scarcity. Never before has life on his planet been so imperiled, all because of man’s fear, ignorance and greed. The fate of our survival lies in our own hands. Do we know enough about Mother Nature to be able to help her heal and continue to sustain us, now and for future generations? The call of the times is for holistic, ethical and creation-based environmental education to be a priority in all Philippine schools.

A Unique and Engaging Way to Learn

“Healing the Earth” is the only eco-lecture that combines insightful information with inspiring music and engaging visual support – designed to integrate creativity and advocacy in a unique learning package!

Creation-based ecology

In her lectures, Ms Gutierrez adheres to upholding the “integrity of creation” through Inner and Outer Ecology, emphasizing how recognizing one’s true relationship with God, Man and Nature is the key to sustainable living.


Informative yet entertaining

“Healing the Earth” is a 90-minute ecological lectureconcert combining ecological insights with cultural heritage and spirituality, expressed in verse, song and dance. It appeals not only to students, but also to faculty, parents, administration and even non-teaching staff -- because caring for the planet should be.


A Proven Track Record

Since 2004, Chin-Chin Gutierrez has lectured to numerous learning institutions bound by a common desire to educate its campus community on authentic ecological lifestyles. Among these are: University of San Francisco (USA), Institute for Spirituality in Asia, Asian Social Institute, St Paul ‘s University, St. Scholastica’s College, St Theresa’s College, University of Regina Carmeli, Christ the King College, AMA Educational System, Xavier University High School, Mindanao State College, St. Francis College, De La Salle-CSB, Trinity College, La Consolacion College, University of Perpetual

Help, UST, as well as the annual DepEd YES Camps, among many others.


“I Am A Little Earth!”

“Healing the Earth” provides an overview of the global environmental crisis and the Philippine scenario, then examines the root causes of man’s destructive behavior and how he can resolve to live more harmoniously with the rest of God’s creation. Also included are practical tips on how to switch to a more sustainable and ecological lifestyle, even for kids!


Help heal the Earth…


“The present-day generation of Filipinos needs role models. As a crusader for Mother Earth, Chin-Chin sings and dances for Life and the whole of Creation.”

- Fr Christian Buenafe, OCarm/ ISA


“Chin-Chin is a living icon of deep ecology that promotes heightened ecological awareness in today’s modernizing world.”

- Dr Mina Ramirez/ Asian Social Institute

“Through her talks, we have seen that she is truly a woman who is fully aware of herself, has personal relationship with Mother Earth, has respect for people and creatures, has love for our country, and above all, has a close relationship with God, our Father.”

- Sr M. Angelica Leviste, OSB/ St Scholastica’s College, Manila


“Apart from her presentation of facts and data on global state of environment, she led us to reflect and meditate on the healing of our world. And so she affirms our true human nature as givers of life, and enhances our being transformative and participative in caring for our creation.”

- Sr Merced Sanchez, ICM/ St Theresa’s College, Cebu)


What makes her stand out among her peers is that she is the living example of her cause… When she speaks, one cannot but discern her having performed the things she has said. She exudes sincerity, truthfulness, simplicity and experience.”

- Sr Niceta Vargas, OSA/ University of Regina Carmeli