Chin-Chin Gutierrez has become equally renowned for her work as an advocate for the environment. In 2003, she earned the distinction of being named one of Time Magazine’s “Asian Heroes”, appearing on the cover of this prestigious publication where she was   cited for using her celebrity stature to further the cause of ecological awareness.  She also received the 2004 The Outstanding Women in Nation’s Service (TOWNS) Award for environmental advocacy.

In 2006, she set up her own environmental foundation, Alaga LAHAT, Inc. an organization involved in promoting ecological wellness and sustainable lifestyles, and of which she is Founding Chair and President.


Today, she is a highly sought-after resource speaker and lecturer for Environmental Education, lending her expertise to a broad range of issues related to ecology and conservation, like Ecological Waste Management, Sustainable Development, Ecology and Spirituality, The Integrity of Creation, Sustainable Consumer Lifestyles, Women and the Environment, among others.  Her talks have been attended not only by youth and NGOs, but also corporate and civic leaders, educators, local government officials and community workers. 

She is also a board member of the Eco-Waste Coalition and has appeared either as a celebrity endorser or volunteer for international efforts involving organizations such as PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals), Greenpeace, the UNEP Millennium Development Goals campaign (MDG) and the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) awareness campaign.

To further hone her skills in organizational leadership, she is currently taking up her twin MA and PhD degrees at the Southeast Asian Interdisciplinary Development Institute (SAIDI) under the program of Organization Development, major in Transformative Spirituality.

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